Berita Jokowi is considered not credible in managing the country

Jokowi is considered not credible in managing the country


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Joko Widodo
Joko Widodo

Reporter:  Etta Adil

Jakarta – Executive Director of the Institute of Policy Studies, M. Tri Andika,  stated that there were differences of opinion between the cabinet in the past two years.

President Jokowi was considered as not credibility in managing the state budget which resulted in an increase in state debt during his administration.

“There are three problems in the Indonesian economy today, namely infrastructure expansion, revocation of subsidies, and management errors,” he said in a discussion on “Jokowi’s Debt Improvement” in Jakarta, Friday night (09pm). / 03/2018).

According to Tri, since the beginning of Jokowi as president, he has broken the promise by revoking fossil fuel subsidies. In just two months, fossil fuel subsidies were lifted to put more productive budgets to improve infrastructure.

“The Jokowi government is always rash in issuing policies, which sometimes seem rushed. Even though this is a matter for the state, not just the city, where planning must take longer, “he criticized.

He emphasized the impact of infrastructure development without careful planning. State development should not be used for political images to extend leadership, but good management is far more important.

“I can see that there is false hope given, which is expected that infrastructure can improve the country’s economy. People are given wrong expectations, where the fact is that infrastructure is only capital and does not provide employment opportunities,” he said.

I note that revocation of subsidies is not allocated to other productive budgets. But the government tried to use the revoked budget to pay off the country’s debt.

“We can see that there is no increase in the education and health sector. Plus, tax revenue is not as expected, while an increase in infrastructure capital causes debt, only results in the use of a large amount of the state budget to pay debts that are due, “he said. (*)




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