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In the era of today’s informatics technology, the information needs of the community is very large unfortunately the emergence of various media that utilize advances in informatics technology is not in line with efforts to bring information “good” for the community. As a result the community is presented with a variety of information that is very heavy and uncontrolled just to guarantee the quantity of news without regard to the quality of news.

PALONTARAQ.ID is an online medium that is keen to deliver the actual news but also has a “value” that is useful to its readers not just news stories that have news value-we call it positive journalism.

Journalism positive for PALONTARAQ.ID does not mean that we will only load good news (good news) but the point of tap is on the usefulness of the news. A lot of news that does not happen but actually has no relevance that is important to know the audience-not even a little news that actually becomes inspiration readers to do more negative. That’s what PALONTARAQ.ID avoids

PALONTARAQ.ID  hopes what is presented into a news is information that enlightens and inspires readers so that it can be useful for progress and common good. This is what we call inspiring journalism.

As part of the freedom to convey information, PALONTARAQ.ID also has a citizen journalism rubric that opens opportunities for every citizen to write their news and published on PALONTARAQ.ID

PALONTARAQ.ID  trying to offer a smart journalism by carrying the tagline “Carrying Inspirational Journalism”. This tagline as a vision to be directed PALONTARAQ.ID as a medium that not only presents the news but the news presented provides important knowledge for readers.

We believe in building the future of Indonesia, the people must gain knowledge. While good information is the required oxygen in knowledge. This consideration underlies PALONTARAQ.ID using the tagline “LOCAL READING GLOBAL THINKING”.

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Etta Adil

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Andi Adil Makkulau

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