Failing to Become a Successful Writer, Why?

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By: Muhammad Farid Wajdi

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PALONTARAQ.ID – There are many factors that make someone fail to become a successful writer, including:

1. Learning Theory Only

The key to being a writer is to write, write, and keep writing. Failures are common because they only study theory and do not train themselves at all times when writing. So, failed to become a writer because of studying theory only.

The difficulty of writing does not lie in writing theory. But because I’m lazy to practice it. In conclusion, anyone who only studies his theory, can never write.

2. Ideas are limited to ideas

There are lots of ideas in our heads and we have material to write them down, so write them down. Failure to write because ideas are generally limited to ideas, there is no follow-up to process existing materials into writing.

Do not let the idea only become delusional flowers and eventually lethargy eaten by time. When an idea arises, then immediately convince yourself that we are able to write it down. Immediately chasing time, do not let the writing with the same ideas written by other people or no longer in accordance with the moment of time.


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3. Writing Dislikes

An article, as well as lectures or speeches will be unattractive, if the material is not well mastered. Write about various things as long as the material is well mastered. Write anything if we master the material must be smooth even though it is not free from obstacles.

Conversely, writing anything if the material is not mastered, undoubtedly encountered obstacles. Not only because we want to be heroic, we write topics that we don’t really understand. Example: writing about politics, while knowledge about politics is inadequate even still fairly blind, in theory and experience.

That is, do not force yourself. Each writer has a science specialization. Don’t get caught up in mainstream news or opinions that are viral. Always measure yourself.

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4. Quickly satisfied

Not a few beginner writers whose writings were successfully loaded by the mass media. Not only local, some even penetrate the national scale media. But it is unfortunate, they are very quickly satisfied with such achievements.

Therefore, do not be lulled by one or two posts published in the media. Just keep writing and continue to improve your writing skills, in terms of language and discussion. Test yourself by sending writings in various media, enter writing competitions or join the writer’s forum.

Of course, pride is permissible, but if for a long time then no longer write, then you will forget how to write to eventually bring up the lazy nature of writing. As a result it is difficult again to write and if that happens, you have failed!

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5. Want to Popular Fast

Beginner writers mainly have a bad habit, which is to get popular quickly. Sometimes forget that popularity requires a struggle and a process of time. Writing is not an instant job.

It’s not fair if we sue ourselves with disproportionate social expectations. Robert B. Downs, the author of “Books that Change the World” (PT. Djakarta Development, 1959) revealed, many writers who move the history of writing in middle age or old: 44-54 years.

Two of them, Thomas Paine and Adolf Hitler (escaped his crime). Paine was considered as a pioneer of American independence with his work “Common Sense.” While Hitler, the author of “My Struggle (Mein Kampf)” so strongly influenced the communist movement.

The wisdom that we learn is that it takes a long time to gain popularity. Writers who can’t stand the process will obviously fail.

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6. Main motivation: Money

For senior writers, especially idealists, writing is no longer (mainly) looking for honoraria. For them the most important ideas have spread. Market ideas to more people and circles.

In contrast to novice writers, what is sought is honorarium or money. This group is clearly more numerous. If the reason for writing is due to honorarium, then the motivation to write will decrease or disappear by itself when the honorarium is not as expected.

7. Exaggerating Your Own Weaknesses

Talk about weakness, who can be separated from weaknesses and shortcomings. Everyone has. Therefore, do not increase shortcomings and do not have to spit them. Usually the weakness is: no time, lack of references, no talent for writing and not a descendant of writers.

Everyone has different weaknesses, but writers who want to succeed always have their own way of overcoming their weaknesses so that they remain productive in the end. The more we believe in the weak and increase the weaknesses in writing, we add ourselves into the area of ​​failure to become a writer.

Thus, hopefully useful. Wallahu ‘alam bish-shawab. (*)

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