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Writing Technique of Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg relies on the close collaboration between infantry and the Panzer rigid train. Here, the infantry used a panzer to take refuge in the upward attack of Ukraine in September 1941. (foto: ist/wikipedia)
Blitzkrieg relies on the close collaboration between infantry and the Panzer rigid train. Here, the infantry used a panzer to take refuge in the upward attack of Ukraine in September 1941. (foto: ist/wikipedia)

By: Muhammad Farid Wajdi

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PALONTARAQ.ID – Many paths can be taken so that the writings or opinions contained in the newspaper or magazine media. Certainly the main consideration of a mainstream media editor is definitely related to the actuality, about what is being a hot conversation in the community and the growing trend.

It could be not just one theme, but two or three themes in one day, especially if there is already a mainstream media that has written it first, even has raised the topic for days.

Generally an editor is required by the media management to seek articles or opinions that have high actuality value and receive writing only from writers who have a strong base, related to the traces of thought and experience. The author’s specialization is preferred. For example, local elections.

If today’s election and tomorrow make headlines in newspapers or magazines, then a writer must have an opinion relevant to the election results. Related to the rationale that supports the election results and the tendency of the people for their choice. An opinion page editor is also required to seek articles related to the election results.

Reviewing the election results from the point of view in accordance with the competence of the author. If necessary, today there are events, the next day there are also articles or opinions that come in contact with the event. Better still, if on that day there was an opinion immediately associated with the events that occurred.

A good writer does not have to wait for a news to be preached to write. If there is an incident and it is common knowledge, as a good writer should write right away.

Why should it be? Because sometimes the actuality is short and in tandem with other events that may be more actual, hotter, more recent, and deeper into the problem. Very likely, one news has not yet become a main topic, has been replaced by another theme.

Actuality factors always go hand in hand between one event and another. Authors must deftly read the situation and events that occur with the maturity of the analysis.

Thus, the main consideration of opinion is to remain actuality, furthermore the problem of analytical power, theory and other factors. If the article is to be contained in mainstream media, the issue of actuality is the ongoing time so that the process of writing and publication should be as soon as possible.

Jangan takut kehilangan teman dengan mengakrabi tulisan, malah sebaliknya. Penulis itu banyak temannya dan karena penulis itu keren! (foto: ist/nrk)
Writing “Blitzkrieg” should be fast. Once all the ideas are on the right track, immediately write. (foto: ist/mfaridwm)

In World War II, the rockets fired by German troops into Poland in 1939 became war lighter. In the book of European War written by the Founder of Kompas, PK Ojong, the German attack was deadly like a flash of flash lights, called “Blitzkrieg“.

Hitler focused his attack on the strength of German tanks and became a new philosophy in warfare. If the first tank limited to infantry, then during World War II, Germany made the tank as the main attacker with a focus on attacking as fast as lightning, like “Blitzkrieg”.

Thousands of tanks focused on attack and in a short time, Poland fell. General Guderian, who became a Blitzkrieg tactician, opened the eyes of the world to a new strategy in warfare, focusing on the enemy’s strengths and fingers as quickly as possible.

Thus the story of “Blietzkrieg” which became the power of writing an opinion or article, was actually adopted from the Story of World War II. The philosophy is not much different, ie devote all the power that is interpreted to prepare all the materials of writing, from basic ideas to warm topics to be discussed.

A writer must make sure that the topics to be written are well controlled. Never write something that we do not know well. Write on the basis of the ability of thought and experience, then gather all the strengths in one point. Focus on the matter of actuality related to the development of the latest news in mass media, especially mainstream media that aimed for the loading of opinion.

If you want to write, watch the mainstream news mainstream today. What news is the main story? Or what topic is being hotly discussed? Well, If you’ve got the topic, write it immediately! Make the framework let more focus on the discussion. A good understanding of a particular topic helps the author focus his ideas.

Remember, Blitzkrieg! Write it fast, fast, and agile. Today is written, today is also sent. The process must be accelerated. Force yourself to think fast, write quickly, but stay focused on the topics covered. Why is that? Yes, because the Opinion Page or article has an actual time limit. Not just the news that the deadline pursued, but also the article, right?

Selfie - Nulis dulu, baru kamu! (foto: ist/mfaridwm)
Writing an opinion needs to pay attention to the accuracy of the analysis and the actuality. (foto: ist/mfaridwm)

Writing “Blitzkrieg” should be fast. Once all the ideas are on the right track, immediately write. Arrange paragraphs per paragraph well. Find good leads, allowing aroused readers to connect events that occur with disclosed opinions. May also be given a few excerpts from experts to make the script more tasteful.

Train continuing writing skills, so Blitzkrieg Attacks are no more than an hour. Gather all ideas that are relevant to the events that occur, then develop into more focused topics. Next, create the skeleton so that all things that are going to be written become orderly and orderly in a consistent array of paragraphs. Once it’s good, write it down.

After the writing is done, calculate the attack time by editing and submitting the manuscript. The current development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables to be faster, by sending messages via email and social media.

Do not stop there, attack the phone number editor newspaper editor or send SMS. Convey that your posts have been sent via email or via social media. No need for length of notice or information submitted, which is important point: given the editor there is written sent.

Blitzkrieg requires unifying all forces to invade a point. Focus. Writing blitzkrieg requires the unification of the power of opinion to produce good and relevant writing. Good topics, adequate supporting literature, straightforward and compelling language, simple and awake sentences, and take into account the actuality.

Thus, if all conditions are met, just be sure the potential for writing to be published larger. Believe me, not many writers are able to write with actual and fast topics in producing writing products, because that’s one of the few. Only in this way, a writer has the potential to be reckoned and famous.  (*)

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