Beranda Opini English Prehistoric Site of Leang Lompoa in Pangkep

Prehistoric Site of Leang Lompoa in Pangkep

writer on Leang Lompoa cave area (foto by: ist/palontaraq)
Writer on Leang Lompoa cave area (foto by: ist/palontaraq)

By:  M. Farid W Makkulau

PALONTARAQ.ID – In Lesang, Biraeng Area, Minasate’ne District, Pangkep Regency, the Leang Lompoa is cave is 5 m up the ground level and the size of the cave mouth measures 8 m high and 27,5 m wide. There is fresh water spring inside it. On the walls, there are 4 hand stencils, 3 drawings resembling human shapes, 2 depicting fish, 2 irregular lines, and 1 unknown animal.

LEANG LOMPOA is also located on Bulu Matojeng hill.  Astronomically, the position is 04′ 50′ 01,7′ south latitude and 119′35′16,6′ east longitude. It is oriented to the south, on the height of 20 m above sea level. In addition, the cave has 3 entrances.

The elevation of the ceiling is about 4-10 m. The temperature is 27′C in the hole and the humidity 17 % – 20 % on the wall.

Penulis saat berada di pintu masuk Leang Lompoa. (foto: nd/palontaraq)
explanation about leang lompoa can be see at here. (foto: ist/palontaraq)

The prehistoric remains on Leang Lompoa are kitchen waste, stone artifacts, and rock art painting. Moreover, it has extremely plenty of kitchen waste which is assembled with stone artifacts around the yard. 

The kitchen waste on Leang Lompoa is identified as mollusk shells, anthropods and big animal jaw (backbones animal).

The stone artifacts are found in a big number, identified as flake and blade tools by inlaid work technique, from coarse sand limestone and chert material.

Those tools such as flakes, blades and core. Other evidence are hand stencils, man ficture, blunt line and curve line. (*)

Di Area Situs Leang Prasejarah, Leang Lompoa, Biraeng, Minasatene-Pangkep. (foto: ist/palontaraq)
In Prehistoric Site cave area, “Leang Lompoa”,  Biraeng, Minasatene-Pangkep. (foto: ist/palontaraq)

Penulis Palontaraq
M. Farid W Makkulau, pemerhati budaya dan penikmat sejarah. Kerap kali menggunakan nama pena Etta Adil saat menulis reportase, karya fiksi dan laporan perjalanan. Pernah menggeluti 10 tahun dunia jurnalistik, sebelum memutuskan mengisolasi diri di lingkungan sekolah islam sebagai seorang guru Selengkapnya


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